Boeing Delivers New 737-900 To United; Flies To Orlando For Re-Fitting -PIC GALLERY-

[United's newest 737-900 at Boeing Field]

Orlando, Fla. -

Boeing has delivered a new 737-900, No. 452, to United Airlines who then flew it to Orlando for re-fitting for Economy Plus seating featured on United Aircraft. This is the 7th of 19 new 737 airplanes United will take delivery of this year.

United maintains a robust Technical Operations center utilizing two large hangers capable of holding 4 airplanes each. One is used for heavy mods, maintenance, and inspections, and the other hanger is used for light mods.

The new plane came with the standard 20 United First seats and 153 Economy seats and will be converted to 20 United First seats, 51 Economy Plus seats and 96 Economy seats. All planes delivered after June will already come in the economy plus layout. In a few days the new plane will enter revenue service flying first to Houston, IAH.

The Tech Ops center at MCO (Orlando) was originally operated by Continental and weas absorbed as part of the United Merger.

GALLERY BELOW: File Images taken at United's Tech Op's at MCO, Orlando International.

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