2 Florida Cities Rank Among the Rudest Cities In America; Who's The Most Vein City?

According to a new survey poll by Travel + Leisure magazine, Orlando and Miami ranked in the top 10 for the rudest cities in the nation. 35 different cities were listed and graded on 54 subjective qualities, everything from driving, culture, work environment, and even "how easy is it to make new friends."

The top 10 rudest cities include; Dallas/Fort Worth, Orlando, Las Vegas, Baltimore, Boston, Washington, Miami, Philadelphia, New York City, Los Angeles.

Though it should be noted that many from those same cities also dispute the findings. But in a related poll, many of those respondents also said "they do not stray outside their circle of friends" very often.

The poll was conducted with readers of Travel + Leisure magazine. Inclusion of Orlando and Miami was not exactly what either wanted, both being highly dependent on tourism and the hospitality industry.


According to a survey conducted by LivingSocial, Miami is the most vein city in America, with over 70% of its residents responding that they are better-than-average looking, and nearly 50% saying they are good or hot looking. And if you live in Miami, chances are you know someone who has had a facelift, liposuction, or Botox. An astonishing 65% say they know someone with one of those medical procedures designed to keep you young-ish looking.

Even more interesting, the majority of residents say having a good looking car is more important than graduating college.

When asked what is the primary purpose of a home, Miami answered "to show it off to friends, to entertain friends" more than any other city did.

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