Census Bureau Reoprts Minority Population Has Passed Whites In U.S. Under Age 1

Washington, D.C. -

The long awaited prediction has finally arrived as the US Census Bureau reported that in the United States, there are now more minorities being born here than whites, with 50.4% of all children under the age of one being a minority.

The largest race in this calculation is Hispanics, followed by Blacks then Asians. Although the rise of minorities now outnumber whites under the age of 1, whites remain the largest single race in the United States.

That too is predicted to fall as soon as 2020 by some estimates, with Hispanics becoming the largest race in the United States, it is already the fastest growing race.

Within the Hispanic population, Mexicans are the largest group, followed by Central Americans. Puerto Ricans and South American's make up the smallest segment of the US Hispanic population.

Overall the ethnic breakdown of all residents today in America is 17% Hispanic, 14% African American, and 5.8% Asian totaling 36.8% of the total population. Adding in other smaller races such as American Indian, Indian, and Pacific Islanders makes for a grand total of 41% of the US population being something other than white.

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