Space X Dragon Capsule Makes History By Docking With ISS

History was made today when the privately owned Space X Dragon Capsule was successfully captured by the International Space Stations robotic armed and docked with the station. "We captured the dragon by the tail" station personnel proclaimed today marking the first of many missions by the private company to the ISS. The docking today is looked at to be a beta test with more resupplying missions ahead and eventually manned flight some years later.

Space X is one of four companies that are venturing to fill the gap left behind by the retirement of the Space Shuttle program last year and a lucrative contract with NASA on resupplying the station. Currently American Astronauts must rely on Russian rockets to travel to the ISS but with the successful proof of concept launch and docking today Space X is looking to have men and women riding the back of their Dragon as soon as possible.

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