Petition Demands Lesbian Den Leader Be Re-Instated; Delivered To Boy Scouts Of America Annual Conference

Orlando, Fla. -

The Boy Scouts Of America are meeting for their annual conference at the Gaylord Palms hotel in Central Florida and are to receive a petition demanding a lesbian den leader be re-instated after she was dismissed due to the organizations ban on gay or homosexual participants.

The Supreme Court has previously upheld the organization's ban, in part, because it is a private organization, which has the right to be exclusive.

Former den leader Jennifer Tyrrell, of Ohio, said she cried for two days after she received a call from a council representative saying she must resign due to her sexual orientation. She had lead her son's local den in Ohio.

The petition however, with 285,000 signatures, demands that the Ohio woman dismissed because of her sexual orientation be re-instated and the driving force behind the petition is Zach Wahls, an Eagle Scout who's the child of a same-sex couple in Iowa. The petition also asks the BSA of change their policy prohibiting banning homosexual individuals from participating.

The meeting is closed to the media and outsiders, during which time the petition will be delivered.

The nation has become far more accepting of gays and lesbians since 1996 when only 37% said same sex couples should have the same civil rights as their heterosexual counterparts. In 2012, 51% said they support same sex couples having the same civil rights as heterosexual couples.

But that is not the whole truth, when respondents were given a third option, allowing civil unions, support for civil rights of same sex couples dropped to 29%, 30% were against any type of same sex marriage recognition and 35% were for allowing civil unions.

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