Free Syrian Army Rebels Abandon Cease Fire Treay After Government Troops Continue Attacks

The Free Syrian Army have said they are abandoning the cease fire brokered by Kofi Annan after the recent atrocities of mass killings of women and children by Syrian government forces was discovered last week which also prompted worldwide condemnation and caused 12 nations to expelling Syrian ambassadors.

A FSA statement said they must resume their attacks on government forces after watching innocent people being killed for no reason as the Assad regime ignores the terms of the cease fire.

On Monday French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said there had been "so many abuses" by the Syrian regime that no lasting solution was possible while Mr Assad remained in power.

As various rebel factions fight against government forces, a conference was held in Turkey in an effort to unify the opposition against Bashar al-Assad, who's family has ruled Syria for over 40 years. The effort to create one unified front is in response to the U.S.'s concerns that if it were to provide weapons to rebels, they would not know who to give them to and that they are not united.

Out of the conference came the Syrian Rebels Front, the new face of the opposition in which several rebel factions have banned together.

Spokesman Khaled al-Okla said the new group represented 12,000 fighters, and that it had been formed in part as a response to Arab and international "failure" to "rein in Assad from his crimes".

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