NASA Is To Receive 2 Secret Spy Satallites From The Military, Both Better Than Hubble

Washington, D.C. -

In a deal meant to be private, the military is giving NASA two spy satellites, both better than Hubble, that have a moveable secondary mirror adding clarity and capabilities never used in Astronomy to date.

The two satellites have very clear optical sensors capable of maneuvering their field of vision, as well as additional sensors who's exact capabilities have not been revealed yet. They were designed for the National Reconnaissance Office who have said they no longer need them because they have superior replacements and alternatives now in place.

It is believed that the new satellites are capable of taking a picture on Mars of an object as small as a car, or if pointed towards earth, can clearly see the writing on a dime.

However, with NASA's current budget constraints, it will not be able to launch or activate the satellites until at least 2020.

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