Accused Killer Of Seminole County Firefighter Jerry Perdomo Heads To Court Today

Daniel Porter, the man accused of killing Seminole County Firefighter Jerry Perdomo in February, will be arraigned in court today in Waldo County Superior Court in Belfast, Maine. Porter is accused of shooting Perdomo over a drug debt.

According to investigators, Perdomo, who is married and lives in Orange City Florida, had been making monthly drug runs to Maine where he would stay with his mistress, and on his last trip, took along a handgun intending to make Porter pay up for drugs Perdomo had previously supplied him.

Porter's defense attorney claims that Porter was acting in self defense and points out that on at least two other occasions Porter had to call cops to stop Perdomo from threatening or intimidating him.

Perdomo's body was found near the Porter family residence after a near month long search.

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