Judge Grants George Zimmerman New Bond Hearing After It Was Revoked A Week Ago

Sanford, Fla. -

George Zimmerman will have a new bond hearing on June 29, 2012. Zimmerman's bond had been revoked by Judge Kenneth Lester after a hearing in which prosecutors argued that Zimmerman and his wife mislead the court as to their finances by not disclosing the $204,000 their personal website had raised in donations, instead calling himself indigent.

Prosecutors learned that the Zimmerman's knew about the money but did not disclose it to the court during the bond hearing after they reviewed jail phone calls and visitor recordings in which Zimmerman and his wife discussed their finances including the money received in donations from the website using PayPal.

Zimmerman had turned himself in this past Sunday at 2:15pm after his bond was revoked and the defense argues he is not a flight risk because this is the second time he was ordered to be taken into custody and he complied both times without resistance and that bail is not supposed to be punitive under the constitution, that it is only to ensure the defendant will show up to court.

George Zimmerman is charge with second degree murder of the shooting death of 17 year old Trayvon Martin on February 26th and had admitted to the shooting but claimed self defense.

Since then a considerable amount of evidence has been released which either supports Zimmerman's claim or is neither good or bad.

Many of the early reports of Zimmerman being painted as a racist have been debunked with the discovery of friends of Zimmerman who are not white.

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