Man Steals Car With Baby Still In It Sleeping

St Petersburg, Fla. -

Police in Saint Petersburg are reporting that a man stole a car while a baby was still in it asleep. The incident happened when 21-year-old Jessyca Broom and 23-year-old Brandon Duff were looking at a house to rent and decided to leave their one year old in the car during the short inspection buckled into her car seat in the backseat.

While inside viewing the house, they hear a car revving up and looked outside to see it being stolen by a car thief. Both the couple and the landlord jumped into the landlord's mini van and chased their car and baby. During the chase which reach high speeds at times, they managed to flag down an police officer.

The car was abandoned about 45 minutes later once the thief realized there was a baby inside.

The only thing the couple reported missing was an iPod and their baby was safe and sound.

The couple decided not to rent the house.

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