Caylee's Law; 32 States Enact Legislation After Trial Of Casey Anthony

32 state have now enacted "Calyee's Law" variations meant to make those responsible for a minor to promptly report to police within 24 hours the disappearance of the minor.

Following the trial of Casey Anthony in which she was acquitted of the murder of her daughter, Caylee Anthony, New Jersey became the first state to enact such a law, beating Florida. Florida however followed quickly with HB 37 which Gov Rick Scott signed into law.

"States have hobbled together knee jerk reactions to an area of law already covered in other ways, this is just feel good politics" said Janet Brewer of Orlando. She added, "other child abuse laws have already successfully covered this in case law."

Politicians disagree saying nothing specifically covered how fast someone must report their child missing.

During the trial it was discovered that Casey Anthony did not notify police promptly of her daughters disappearance and only admitted to investigators that Caylee was missing 30 days later. It was Casey Anthony's parents who first notified police in 911 calls saying they had not seen their granddaughter for several days and that Casey would not tell them anything.

Casey Anthony was acquitted of killing her daughter but was convicted on four misdemeanor counts of lying to investigators and was sentenced to on year in jail for each count, to be served consecutively. She had already been in jail during her pre-trial detention for more than a year and was released the next day after being credited with pre-trial detention.

Anthony is also serving one year of probation for a previous unrelated check fraud case and that will be over by the end of July.

"What's most important is that a little girl lost her life, and that the justice system worked, and we must respect it, that's what we'd want if we were on trial" said Mike Udall, a legal advocate.

Casey Anthony's whereabouts has been kept private due to the numerous death threats received.


In the aftermath of the trial, former prosecutor Jeff Ashton wrote a book about the trial, despite arguing in court that no one should profit from this tragedy as he argued trying to keep Casey Anthony from receiving money for movie or book deals.

A movie is now being made about the case, with actor Rob Lowe staring in it. The actor to play Casey Anthony is still in doubt, as two actors have said yes then backed out.

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