Doctors in Mexico City have called their double arm transplant success after giving 52-year-old Gabriel Granados a new outlook on life. Granados suffered severe electrical burns in January of 2011 which resulted in both of his arms being amputated below the elbows.

The operation took place at the National Institute of Medical Science and Nutrition Salvador Zubiran in Mexico City last month, but Granados was only discharged this past week.

Speaking about the new arms, Granados said, “This is wonderful that after being without hands for some time, all of a sudden I see new hands.” He also said he can feel them and can move them, though continued therapy is needed to gain a full range of motion say, doctors.

In practicing for the surgery, doctors said they practice on corpses.

Mexican doctors say other 23 patients are waiting for arms transplant although only six could be successfully done

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