Sikorsky S-58ET Helicopter Crash In Andes Mountains Of Peru Kills 14

Police in Peru have confirmed all 14 people aboard a Sikorsky S-58ET helicopter have died after it crashed into Mama Rosa Mountain which is in the southern Andes Mountain range. Wreckage of the crash was found at 16,000 feet along a steep and rocky face of the mountain.

Brig. Roberto Larrea of the Peruvian Police said a Dutchman, a Czech, a Swede, eight Koreans and three Peruvians, including the pilot and co-pilot, were on the helicopter.

Rescue efforts were called off until Sunday due to temperatures falling to 5 degrees Fahrenheit and darkness.

According to the South Korean embassy in Peru, three of its citizens worked for Samsung C&T, one worked for the state and the rest worked for private companies. All were part of a project exploring a potential hydroelectric project near Mazuco.

[Pic: Courtesy AP]

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