Air India May Terminate Another 300 Pilots Over What The Government Calls An Illegal Strike

Air India may be getting ready to let another 300 pilots go over what the India government calls an illegal strike by the IPG union, which represents the pilots. Just recently the government fired 101 pilots for the same reason.

"The pilots are on an illegal strike since May. How long do they (pilots) expect us to wait for them to resume duty? If the situation remains the same, then the rest (300) of pilots may also be terminated. But this decision will be taken by the Air India management," Ajit Singh told IANS.

New ads in various Indian news papers have been showing up attempting to recruit new pilots. The ads have also reportedly been showing up on websites outside of India as well. In the ad, it states prospective pilots should be able to operate the Boeing 777s, 747s and 737s and will be required to undergo more flight simulator training in Mumbai.

Air India's international destinations have been hit the hardest, with Hong Kong, Osaka, Seoul and Toronto now showing as cancelled with no date listed as returning to service. Also hard hit are destinations to the U.S. and Europe.

One of the chief reason for the strike at Air India which began May 8 was the move to train their counterparts from Indian Airlines on the soon-to-be-inducted Boeing 787 Dreamliner, but not Air India pilots.

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