Kindness In America Author Admits Shooting Himself In Hoax After Blaming Passing Motorist

The Author of the up-coming book Kindness in America, Ray Dolin, Admitted to Valley County Montana deputies on Friday that the gunshot wound he sustained while in Montana was a hoax. Dolin had been hitchhiking across America while writing his book when he claimed he was shot by passing motorist on Friday.

Sheriff deputies initially believed the story and had even gone as far as arresting a suspect, Lloyd Christopher Danielson. Danielson had been taken into custody Saturday about 100 miles from the scene because the truck he was driving matched the description given by Dolin. It was only when pressed by deputies further that the truth came out.

Dolin's story started to unravel when deputies inspected the suspects GPS unit to find that he was not in the area that Dolin said the shooting took place at. When confronted by this, Dolin confessed to shooting himself with a small caliber hand gun and creating the story.

Prosecutors are evaluation whether Dolin violated Montana law by filling a false police report and tampering with evidence. The hospital where Dolin is treating at says he is not accepting any calls.

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