President Obama Speaks To NALEO Conference In Orlando About Immigration

Orlando, Fla. -

President Obama arrived in Orlando and spoke at the annual conference of the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials, NALEO, at Disney World's Contemporary Resort today.

Immigration is a hot topic at the conference with the presumptive republican nominee, Mitt Romney, speaking at the same audience yesterday when he blasted Obama's immigration and deportation policy changes by calling them temporary. Romney himself gave no specific details of his own plan but did say he had one and remained vague.

After speaking in Orlando, Obama headed for Tampa to speak with a Grassroots organization at the Hillsborough Community College.

Among those attending was republican senator Marco Rubio, who is being vetted as a possible running mate with Mitt Romney as the Vice-President. Rubio himself, a Cuban-America, has come out against Obama's recent policy shift in stopping deportations of younger adults and minors in the U.S. illegally as a result of their parents bringing them here.

Florida is a major swing state, and has one of the largest populations of Hispanic voters in the United States outside of California and Texas.

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