SuperPAC largest Donors List Goes Public; Do you Know This Person or Company?

SuperPACs have tried to keep their donors names private in the ever challenging debate over how much influence corporations and political action committees should have in the elections process. After the Supreme Court ruled SuperPACs could raise unlimited donations, there has been no shortage of donors, each with their own intentions and agenda of what they want, all hoping for the ear of those in power.

Here's the list of the largest donors to SuperPACs;

Republican Donors: Harold Simmons, Bob Perry, Jerry Perinchio Living Trust, Contran Corporation, Crow Holdings LLC, Kenneth Griffin, TRT Holdings, Whiteco Industries, Irving Moskowitz, Robert Rowling, Julian Robertson, John Kleinheinz, Richard Marriott, James Davis, J.W. Marriott Jr., James Davis, Steven Webster, Huron Carbon LLC, Rooney Holdings, Peter Thiel, Virginia James, Jackson Stevens Jr., Team Demint, Marilyn Hayden, Robert Arnott, Robert Mercer, Richard Uihlein, Jerry Hayden, Freedom Works, Foster Friess, Myrna Darland and Conway Ivy.

Each gave at least $50,000 such as Conway Ivy, but the biggest donors such ash Harold Simmons gave $11,000,000.00.

Democratic Donors: Jeffrey Katzenberg, Franklin Haney, Steven Mostyn, National Air Traffic Controllers Assn, Barbara Stiefel, Kareem Ahmed, Amy Goldman, William Maher, SEIU COPE, Perennial Strategy Group LLC, James Simmons, Amber Mostyn, Fred Eychaner, Bernard Schwartz, Stephen Bing, Service Employees International union (COPE), American Assn For Justice, Heart Of America, Stephen Silberstein, and S. Donald Sussman.

Each of these gave at least $150,000, whie Jeffrey Katzenberg gave $2,000,000.00.

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