Catholic Priest, Monsignor William Lynn, Found Guilty In Child Sex Abuse Scandal At Church

Philadelphia, PA. -

Monsignor William Lynn has been found guilty on one count of child endangerment for his part of what the prosecution called a systematic covered of child sex abuse in the Catholic Church in Philadelphia.

Monsignor William Lynn was accused of failing to notify police of suspected or known priest who were sexually abusing children or not taking action against known pedophiles.

Lynn contended during his trial that he did not have the authority to take any action other than to arrange for the transfer of the priest in question and was prohibited from speaking out as to why.

While the prosecution did not accuse Lynn himself of taking part in any of the acts, it argued that he had a moral obligation to protect children under his supervision in the parishes he oversaw.

Afterwards, advocates of the prosecutor's case said the church can no longer look the other way, and that regardless of position, no one will be allowed to get away with this behavior.

Lynn was acquitted of conspiracy charges that he also faced. He now faces up to 5 years in prison.

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