Claims Arise That United Pilots Are Making False Mechanical Claims To Delay Flights

There have been several reports that show some United Airline Pilots are making up false mechanical claims in an effort to delay flights, a sort of "sticking it to the man" approach as "contract negotiations seem to be going nowhere" as one post labeled it.

We asked United if they know of anything like this happening and they denied pilots are making up false mechanical claims to delay flights.

We also examined FAA records for United flight departures and found over the last 90 days, the average delay rate had no significant increase in change when compared to last year the same same period, thought it was up marginally. This however could be attributed to weather or other factors such as yesterdays ATC traffic flow system failure which caused flights into the northeast to be delayed or cancelled.

On-time arrivals are down for domestic flights, international flights and for regional carriers of United, but only by less than 1% of the last week. The fact that regional carrier, who don't work for United, are also down is consistent with the marginal drop in performance easily being attributed to other factors.

Despite doing some fact checking, there has been no evidence TFNJ has been able to find that supports United pilots are making false claims to delay flights. None the less, rumor on various aviation forums continue.

A United Spokesperson said that United pilots behave in a professional manner ensuring the safety of the passengers and crew and do not take their possible grievances out on flights and passengers.

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