Mohamed Morsy Announced As Egypt's New President

Cairo, Egypt -

Egypt's Presidential Election Commission has announced that Mohamed Morsy of the Muslim Brotherhood has won Egypt's presidential elections, the first free elections since former ousted leader Mubarak came to power over 30 years ago.

Yesterday, both Mohamed Morsy and his opponents, Ahmed Shafik had claimed victory. Shafik is the former prime minister who was under Mubarak.

Tens of thousands had gathered in Cairo's Tahrir Square waving Egyptian flags and chanted pro-Morsy songs showing their support for the Muslim Brotherhood candidate.

Morsy is an American educated engineer and was quoted during an recent CNN interview as saying, "There is no such thing called an Islamic democracy. There is democracy only. ... The people are the source of authority."

Even as Morsy signaled that he intend to rule by consent of the majority, and to provide equality to all Egyptian, even Christians in the northern city of Alexandria, the Egyptian military has already taken steps to limit the power of the presidency.

One of the major mandates set by the military was that the military will control the government's budget, not he president. Most western analyst say this is because the military has vast operations and business interests which is does not want to loose. The Egyptian military is a close ally with the United States, but U.S. officials have called on the military to be more transparent.

Both sides have claimed fraud, and the election commission delayed the announcement of the vote because it said it needed to investigate those claims first and to see if he results of the investigation would affect the vote.

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