More Documents Release In George Zimmerman Case

Sanford, Fla. -

More documents and evidence in the case of George Zimmerman have been released, including a video of Zimmerman re-enacting the events the night he shot 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in Sanford on Feb 26.

In the video released, four minutes that were originally viewed by state attorney's office and the defense were missing, but no explanation for the missing portions of the video have been given by the defense or the state attorney's office.

In other documents released were opinions by the Sanford police that they did not believe everything Zimmerman had told them, but also that they did not have any evidence to dispute what he said during his affirmative defense statements. The documents also reveal that investigators believed Zimmerman was following Martin, something he at first admitted and then denied.

Also released were the results of a voice "stress test" which investigators concluded that Zimmerman had "told the substantively complete truth", the test is similar to a lie detector test.

In a report by the lead investigator, he wrote that Zimmerman could have defused the confrontation had he identified himself as a neighborhood watch member.

According to a report by Sanford detective Chris Serino, Zimmerman verbally confronted the unarmed Martin which ultimately ended with Zimmerman shooting Martin in the chest and killing him. In the same report, Serino noted that both Zimmerman and witnesses said that Zimmerman avoided Martin at first because "he was afraid of him."

Serino went on to write that Zimmerman eventually got out of his vehicle and began to follow Martin. “His actions are inconsistent of those of a person who has stated he was in fear of another subject,” Serino wrote.

Serino then recommended manslaughter charges against Zimmerman to the state attorney's office.

During the video which was released last week, Zimmerman claimed that Martin was on top of him beating him, slamming his head to the ground, and smothering his mouth and nose with Martin's hands. In the re-enactment video take the following day, Zimmerman can be seen with two large butterfly type bandages on the back of his head.

Zimmerman had claimed that while he shot Martin, it was in self defense under Florida's "Stand Your Ground Law" which permits deadly force by someone if they feel they are threatened.

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