US District Court has ruled that Florida can move forward with purging voters from a list of 2,600 names that state originally came up with despite the U.S. Justice Department argues that it is against federal law to take such actions within 90 days of a federal election.

Florida holds some primary elections on August 14, 2012.

Only 100 people on the list have been found to be illegal residents, while over 500 on the list have been found to be U.S. citizen that are legally registered to vote, with the majority being registered Democrats in Miami-Dade County.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott said he now has a new list, containing about 180,000 names he wants to be purged and Democrats have cried foul play. Scott did say the state will not distribute this new list unless the state can check the names against the federal immigration database.

All 67 Florida counties have stopped removing names from the list due to differing opinions as to its legality.

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