British Police Demand Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange Leave Ecuador Embassy Where He Requested Asylum

London, U.K. -

Metropolitan police are demanding that Wikileaks founder Julian Assange leave the Ecuadorian Embassy where he went on June 19 to seek Asylum. Assange is wanted in Sweden over sexual molestation charges.

Police have said that he is in violation of his bail condition, that he stay as the residence of a support outside London every night, and that he is in further violation by refusing to come to the police station. Diplomatic protocol and international conventions prevent police from entering a foreign embassy.

Assange lost an extradition hearing in London which he was fighting, and is originally from Australia.

Two women have accused Assange of sexually assaulting them during an August 2010 visit to Sweden in connection with a WikiLeaks release of internal U.S. military documents. He was arrested in Britain that December and has been fighting extradition ever since, saying the allegations are retribution for his organization's disclosure of American secrets.

The Ecuadorian Embassy delivered a letter to the British Foreign Office saying, "The Government of Ecuador will continue to foster good relations with the UK Government whilst assessing Mr Assange's application for asylum," the statement said.

WikiLeaks, which facilitates the anonymous leaking of secret information, has published about 250,000 confidential U.S. diplomatic cables, causing embarrassment to the government and others. It also has published hundreds of thousands of classified U.S. documents relating to the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Assange sought refuge at the embassy five days after the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom dismissed a bid to reopen his appeal of the decision to send him to Sweden -- his last option in British courts.

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