Colorado Wildfires Grow Even More, 346 Homes Destoryed And Counting

Colorado Springs, CO -

Wildland fires continue to burn in Colorado as half of all of the nation's fire fighting resourses are now in Colorado attempting to at least stop the destruction of more homes and businesses.

Fire officials have confirmed the Waldo Canyon fire has destroyed at least 346 homes and more are likely to be burned to their foundation and the fire continues with only about 10% containment as of Thursday afternoon.

So far, 35,000 people have been ordered to evacuate their homes with little or no advance notice forcing many families to make split second choices on what to try bring with them to save. Nearby, the United States Air Force Academy has been evacuaed as well.

Forecasters are predicting more high temperatures and high winds that are expected to help the fire.

President Obama will tour the area on Friday in what is sure to become a declared national disaster.

Adding to the community's stress are reports of 10 people missing and unaccounted for, officials say they are looking, but communications have been going down as the fire burns towers and relay sations.

This has been the most destructive fire in Colorado's history according to state officials.

This fire has surpassed the 87,000-acre High Park Fire in which 257 homes were lost.

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