George Zimmerman Not Testifying At 2nd Bond Hearing, Father Called To Stand

Sanford, Fla. -

The second bond hearing for George Zimmerman is underway, and defense attorneys have said they will not be calling George to the stand. Zimmerman arrived in court in regular civilian clothes after the judge ruled Zimmerman does not have to wear the normal prison jumpsuit most inmates wear.

During the hearing, the defense called a forensic financial accountant to the stand while they stated that Zimmerman has about $13,000 in cash and assets at present. The PayPal account which caused Zimmerman's bail to be revoke previously had about $205,000.00, but much of that was used for bail, legal, and living expenses according to the defense.

A pre-trial release monitoring officer described Zimmerman as a "model client" with no violations. The defense is hoping to show that Zimmerman is not a flight risk, since he turned himself in the first time, never fled when he was being investigated and turned himself in when his bail was revoked. Lead defense attorney Mark O'Mara has said bail is not meant to be punishment but to ensure someone returns to court hearings and their trial, and is enshrined in the constitution as such.

Zimmerman's father was then called to the stand and is expected to testify that the recording he heard of the 911 tapes was that of his son, not Trayvon Martin, that was screaming for help.

Zimmerman's bail was revoked after the prosecution argued that both Zimmerman and his wife perjured themselves during his bond hearing by not disclosing those funds. Zimmerman has said that he did not know how much was in it at the time of the hearing.

Today the assistant state attorney's office said, "I would request the court keeps this defendant at no bond", but has not given a reason why Zimmerman is a flight risk "nor have they put forward evidence that he would be a danger to the public, any more than he was during the investigation or while out on bail" said Jamie Adams, a public legal consultant.

After more than two hours, the hearing ended without a decision.

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