Sears is keeping up with the times, by offering old was to pay for that vacation you’ve wanted but can’t afford right now. Now you can put your vacation on layaway at Sears, as it brings back the once popular layaway program helping people pay for something they can’t afford upfront right now and don’t have the credit to charge it.

Sears, founded in 1886 by Richard Warren Sears and Alvah Curtis Roebuck, and officially known as Sears Roebuck and Co., has put popular vacations like cruises and vacation packages on its vacations with the ability for you to select the vacation you want, and pay for it in payments on layaway. You must, however, pay off the vacation before you can take it.

“Its a natural fit for Sears”, said Shannelle Armstrong, a director of public relations for Sears. “We have layaway at Sears, the store, so our customers are used to more flexible payment options. There is no initiation fee to start the program for the vacation layaway customer, unlike in-store layaway’s.

“Now instead of saving up for your vacation, earning interest on your money while it sits in your bank account, then choosing any vacation you want in your budget… now you can give sears your money so they can earn interest on your money instead of you, and you can select the vacations Sears has decided to offer you” said David Goldstein of Family Financial Planning.

Refunds vary and are governed by the merchant offering the vacation, so be sure to read the terms of the deal before you commit to slapping your hard earned cash down on the table,… piece by piece.

David Goldstein said he would never recommend putting your vacation on layaway. “If you have to finance your fun, maybe that’s a sign you can’t afford that fun and should look for something a little less pricey” he added.

He also said that by saving the money yourself, like in a separate bank account, you will earn your interest, plus if you have an unforeseen emergency like your car breaks down or something, you have the fund to cover it even if you had planned that money for your vacation.

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