Millions Still Without Power In Mid-Atlantic From Storms As Heat Wave Persists

Washington, D.C. -

Millions of residents across the Mid-Atlantic and eastern portions of the Midwest are still without power from the recent storms that wreaked havoc as record setting heat waves continue to cover much of the U.S. About 2 million are still without power, down from roughly 4 million over the weekend.

Officials say it won't be until the end of the week before they are able to restore power to most of those without power. Mutual Aid crews from Florida, Missouri, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and North Carolina are already en-route to help local utility crews get power restored.

Cooling shelters have been opened in places like Philedelpia, Baltimore, and Washington, D.C., as millions are forced to deal with the sweltering heat that has set in across much of the nation.

Just as many are without power during the fourth of July holiday, an early summer heat wave has blanketed much of the nation from Missouri to the Atlantic Ocean with 100+ degree temperatures in place not normally accustomed to triple digit temperatures. The heat index has risen even high with clam humid air filling in behind the storms that knocked out power to so many and killed 13 people.

18 states remain under a heat advisory. "Hot and hotter will continue to be the story from the Plains to the Atlantic Coast the next few days," the National Weather Service said Monday. "The widespread excessive heat warnings and heat advisories have certainly decreased in coverage, but temperatures will remain well above average across a large portion of the U.S."

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