Facebook has added a gay marriage icon for users to select from, either two grooms or two brides. This gives those who use marriage icons more to choose from than the previous man-woman on top of a cake icon as the only choice, regardless of sexuality.

Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes was among several to use the new icons this past weekend when he married longtime boyfriend Sean Eldridge. Mark Zuckerberg was among more than 2,000 users who hit the like button on the announcement, according to the Times.

These changes are part of a greater change at Facebook which is trying to support the LGBT community and has developed anti-gay bullying rules for the popular social media network.

Critics contend Facebook is subjecting their children to objectionable and morally questionable behavior that leads to a poor family atmosphere and teaches kids that it is ok to be gay.


France will begin allowing same-sex marriages starting in 2013 along with adoptions by same-sex couples.

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