Sales Up Big At Nation's Big Three Auto Manufacturers; GM, Ford, Chrysler

June sales saw a big jump at the nations auto manufacturers, with all 3, GM, Ford, Chrysler all posting large gains.

GM posted a 16% gain with Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac all reporting double-digit increases. Sales of crossovers were up 30% compared to last year.

Ford saw a 7% increase in sales compared to last year with its redesigned Ford Escape up 28% and its Fusion also posting very well. The F series pick up truck, the nations best selling vehicle, 11% as gas prices began to moderate, with other 50,000 sold in June.

Chrysler saw a 20% jump, its best ever since 2007 with Fiat leading the group's charge ahead. Jeep Wranglers continued their 12 months in a row gain, setting all time sales records.

Economist are hoping this is an insight to where consumers are going, and spending in the face other not-so-rosey economic conditions.

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