Iran Threatens To Close Straits of Hormuz Again After EU Oil Embago Begins

Iran has again threatened to close the Straits of Hormuz, the narrow opening to the Persian Gulf, where one fifth of the world's oils supply passes trough.

"We do have a plan to close the Strait of Hormuz," state media quoted Gen. Hasan Firouzabadi as saying Saturday. "A Shiite nation (Iran) acts reasonably and would not approve interruption of a waterway ... unless our interests are seriously threatened," Press TV quoted him as saying.

Firouzabadi's comments were made shortly after Europes oil embargo against Iran began at the begining of this month.

The Embargo by Europe, and the U.S.'s international pressure on nations ot curtail their oil purchases from Iran have caused the Islamic Republic to take erratic actions, including naval excersices close to U.S. Naval operations in the Gulf, and ust recently, the bombing of mock bases in Iran's southeast section saying they are hit 35 U.S. military bases or assets in the region if they are attacked.

The United Nations have placed a series of crippling sanctions on Iran over it nuclear program, which the wet believes is for weapons but Iran says is for peaceful energy and research.

This is not the first threat from Iran, it has previously said if an oil embargo goes into effect, it would shut down the vital waterway, it has previously threatened the U.S. by saying if the U.S. returned one of its aircraft carriers to the gulf, Iran would tak emilitary action and the U.S. would regret it. It was out on naval excersices in the Indian Ocean.

One week later, a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier re-entered the gulf. So far, Iran has not acted on any of its public threats.


Recent negotiations have netted zero results other than to meet again.

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