The Hisotry Of The Internet In 1 Complete Interactive Graphic; WOW

Ever wonder how to understand the history of the internet and its technologies, without reading a lot?

Check out this interactive graphic that shows the complete history of the internet and its technologies, everything from HTTP, Windows 3.1, and Internet Explorer, the rise of Mosaic, Netscape and AOL (did you forget those already?) and those much loved to be hated "cookies", pocket internet explorer CE, and on to Flash, Java, HTML-5, Chrome, Full Screen API and more.

In the graphic, back in 1991, it was a thin blue lonely line, and as the years pass, it grows at a fairly linear pace, expanding as new things pop up at fairly regular intervals. But in 2008, it begins to go crazy, and technology springs up in near chaotic precision.

Explore the interactive graphic yourself:

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