United Airlines To Add New Routes From San Francisco, Chicago And Washington Dulles

United Airlines will add 10 new routes, further increasing the world's largest airline's reach and dominance. In adding the routes, a United statement read: United will expand destinations from west coast hubs "to be the clear leader in service and choice in each of our hub cities." It also said passenger demand is increasing for these and other routes and United is moving to fill that need.

Among the 10 are: San Francisco (SFO) - Taipei (TPE) starting April 9 with a Boeing 777 in a 8/40/104/117 seating arrangement. San Francisco - Paris starting April 11 with a 767 in a 30/49/135 seating arrangement. Chicago O'Hare - Monterrey Mexico starting Dec 19 with United Express CRJ700 in a 6/28/32 seating arrangement. Chicago O'Hare - Thunder Bay starting Feb 14 with 50 seat United Express CRJ200. Chicago O'Hare - Nassau Bahamas starting Feb 9 with United Express CRJ700 in a 66 seat one class arrangement. Chicago O'Hare - Anchorage starting Dec 19 - Jan 2 with a 737-800 and is in addition to United's normal summer service. Denver - Willison, ND starting Nov 4 with United Express ERJ-145 aircraft on 3 daily flights. Chicago O'Hare - Jackson, MS starting Nov 4 with a 50 seat United Express ERJ-145's. Los Angeles - Kelowna, BC starting Dec 19 with 66 seat United Express CRJ700. Washington Dulles - San Salvador Starting Dec 19 with a 737-800.

"These additional services underscore three commitments -- to fly where our customers want to fly, to introduce new flights where we can profitably do so, and to be the clear leader in service and choice in each of our hub cities," Jim Compton, United's executive vice president and chief revenue officer, says in a release.

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