Octomom To Dance At Hollywood Strip Club After Court Denies Strip Club Emergency Hearing

A request for an emergency hearing that was filed by T's lounge against the woman known as Octomom has been denied by Circuit Judge Timothy McCarthy saying the legal challenge does not constitute a "legal emergency".

T's lounge in West Palm Beach, Florida filed a lawsuit against Nadya Suleman after she backed out of her contract to dance at the strip club and gave only 34 days notice, less than the 35 required in her contract.

She reportedly agreed to dance as a competing strip club, The Playhouse Gentleman's Club of Hollywood, Florida, which T's lunge said is also in violation of another provision of her contract to not dance within a 50 mile radius within 90 days of her last performance at T's lounge.

The judge did let the lawsuit filed by T's lounge to move forward though.

Nadya Suleman lives in La Habra, California and is the mother of 14 kids, including octuplets born in 2009. She has struggled financially, recently declaring bankruptcy.

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