NBC To Broadcast Record Amount Of Olympic Games, Live Over The Internet; 5,535 Hours On 40 Streams

The Olympics start July 27 and will be broadcast on NBC and its affiliates along with live streaming video of complete games on the internet. In all, the network will broadcast 3,000 hours over the internet using up to 40 concurrent streams at NBCOlymics.com and the remainder over TV stations like NBC, MSNBC, and CNBC.

5,535 hours of content is like watching one network continuously 24/7 for seven months said Mark Lazarus, NBC Sports President. In fact, unlike past games which had little internet access, Lazarus said times have changed, and more and more people get their news, entertainment and other content on the internet. In past Olympics that were ran by Dick Ebersol, it was feared by streaming Olympic content over the internet that it would cut into telecast programing.

The best part for some, online live streaming will often times have no commentary, or have a limited "world commentator". So for all of you out there that get annoyed that the announcer won't shut up, these Olympic broadcasts over the internet are for you.

To watch the Olympic games online, you will first need to register by proving you subscribe to cable, or satellite by giving NBC your username and password that your provider gives you as a customer. Your programing package must also include MSNBC and CNBC. Lazarus estimates this will cover 90% of American households.

For those of you who love to watch medal ceremonies, NBC's new app for the Olympics called "Live Extra" will stream all 302 medal ceremonies live in its entirety. That app, along with its other app, "NBC Olympics" are available at iTunes and Google Play, along with going to www.NBCOlympics.com on your tablet or mobile device.

Also unlike the past, if there are multiple simultaneous matches or competitions in one sport happening at the same time, now you will be able to watch all of them, or select which ones you watch. In the past, viewers had to watch the one NBC decided you should see, usually the one they thought would have the highest rating.

One downfall for iPad users? It appears the NBCOlympics.com site does not work properly for many iPad users, and currently live streaming video is in Flash, a problem for iPad users, since those tablets do not have a Flash player.

NBC did say they are working to stream it in another format as well, but no word on when that will be ready.


NBC has converted the studio usually used by Saturday Night Live into its digital headquarters, staffing it with 700+ people, and have dubbed it "Little London". One sign reads when you walk into the studio "Downing Street".


The new Olympic Stadium cost $756 million to build and will hold 80,000 fans. It has received mixed reviews, everything from "magnificent" to a "bowl of blancmange" despite attempting to build it in a "sustainable development". Critics have argued it should be able to become a national icon, like the Birds Nest at the Beijing Olympics, and instead call it a triumph to mediocrity.

In June 2010, it was reported during the development of the stadium site that it contained potentially harmful amounts of radioactive materials buried decades ago when the area was a landfill site. Documents obtained under a freedom-of-information request revealed that the radioactive waste from thorium and radium were buried in a disposal cell approximately 250 metres (820 feet) to the north of the stadium. Officials insisted there was no risk to Olympic athletes or spectators during the event, but that further development of the site after the Olympics as part of the legacy programme could expose the waste.

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