United Airlines Strands Passengers In China For 3 Days Causing Near Riot Conditions

Passengers in China who were due to depart China On Wednesday became aggressively upset after United Airlines stranded them there for three days after their flight, United flight 87, was cancelled.

The original flight 87 was cancelled due to mechanical, the following day passengers were told the flight cancelled again after a replacement generator failed to arrive on time from San Francisco. And the third day the flight had to cancel because the flight crew ran out of duty time for the day, due to an FAA regulation that prevents flight crews from working over a certain amount of hours a day for safety.

As the cancellations unfolded, passengers became more and more upset, and on the third day, blocked the gate entrance to other United flights that were departing to New York, which is their destination as well.

The pilot pleaded with passengers to go to the other gate where the plane was waiting for them, but distrust had already set in. The pilot even said that the plane is leaving with out without them in an effort to get them to go to the other fate. Eventually passengers made their way to the other gate and boarded the plane, however, that flight canceled due to the flight crew running out of duty time.

Some Chinese passengers refused to get off the plane.

Apparently United representatives in China told them they would be placed on other flights and those passengers would be bumped, but that never happened which is what caused passengers to blockade the gate area.

Eventually, their flight left and landed safely in Newark.

United Airlines has said they issued a full refund to everyone, paid for their hotels and meals and issued a $1,000 travel voucher to each passenger for use on future flights.

[Photo: Steve Borowka, a passenger on the flight.]

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