Kidnappers Release 2 American Hostages In Israel After Being Taken In Egypt's Sinai Peninsula

Jerusalem, Israel -

Kidnappers have released two American hostages from Egypt and sent them to Tiberias in Northern Israel. The hostages, Michel Louis and Lisa Alphonse, both of Boston, were held for three days in Egypt.

Louis, a diabetic, was given pita bread, eggs, tea and water by his kidnappers, he said, and was moved each night to sleep in a different location.

The kidnappers siezed Louis and Aphonse plus one other while on a tour bus in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula and en-route to Israel.

This is the second kidnapping in the region, both have ended with hostages being freed within a few days unharmed.

Kidnappings and armed robberies have increased since a popular uprising ousted Egypt's long-ruling dictator, Hosni Mubarak, last year.

In the latest incident, one of the alleged kidnappers, Germy Abu Masouh, is a member of a prominent Bedouin tribe in the Sinai. He had demanded Egyptian police free his uncle imprisoned in Alexandria on drug charges.

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