Iceberg Double The Size Of Manhattan Break Off From Petermann Glacier In Greenland

An iceberg more than two times the size of Manhattan has broken off the Petermann Glacier in Greenland according to a report by the University of Delaware.

The iceberg, 59-square miles in size, is the second largest iceberg break in recent years. In 2010 an iceberg more than 4 times the size of Manhattan broke off as well, and global climatologist are asking if it is due to global warming.

"While the size is not as spectacular as it was in 2010, the fact that it follows so closely to the 2010 event brings the glacier's terminus to a location where it has not been for at least 150 years," researcher Andreas Muenchow says in a university press release.

"Northwest Greenland and northeast Canada are warming more than five times faster than the rest of the world," Muenchow says. He adds that it is too early to tell if the break up of this iceberg is due to global warming because scientist don't have a long recorded history of ocean temperatures in that areas.

This newest iceberg is expected to travel to the Nares Strait between Greenland and Canada and break up into smaller bergs.

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