Malware Discovered In Fake Facebook Notices

Cyber security experts are warning Facebook users to be careful opening Facebook emails letting you know of a new notification.

The newest malware going around sends an email to Facebook users notifying them of a new Facebook photo, or that they have been tagged by someone else in a photo.

Users who click on the notification are briefly redirected to an iFrame script that opens users computers to hackers, then quickly send them to an actual Facebook profile. Most users are unaware they have even been infected because the event happens so quickly.


In the image showing you that you have a new Facebook notification, it mis-spells Facebook as "Faceboook", something most users are not going to catch. Also, hover your mouse over the link, if it does not say Facebook, then you know it is not real.

The fake notification contains a link to click on that is not a link.

Update your anti-virus software and run a full scan at least once a week say most experts.

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