7 Dead, 34 Injured In Aftermath Of Suicide Bomber With Michigan ID Attacking Israeli Tourist In Bulgaria

The death toll stands at seven, with another 34 injured as a result of a suicide bomber's attack yesterday at the airport in Burgas, Bulgaria, on Israeli tourist, a popular Black Sea vacation destination.

According to Bulgarian officials, the suspected suicide bomber carried a Michigan driver's license which they think may be fake. Five tourists died along with the Bulgarian bus driver and the suspected bomber.

The BBC's Chris Morris, in Sofia, said a Bulgarian official has told the BBC that CCTV footage from the airport shows a Caucasian male hanging about for some time in the airport terminal building before the explosion took place. The man is seen leaving the terminal shortly before the blast happened just outside.

Security experts say the attack could be part of a covert but violent war between Israel and Iran, and there is a view among some analysts that this attack could be a response to a series of recent attacks on Iranian nuclear scientists.

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak said the attack resembled several recent attempted attacks on Israeli targets in India, Thailand, Azerbaijan, Kenya and Cyprus.

Israel's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, blamed Iran and Hezbollah for the attack and said "Israel will respond forcefully to Iranian terror."

Elements of Israel's IAF along with a medical crew were dispatched to Bulgaria to retrieve dead and wounded Israeli's.

President Barack Obama described the bombing as a "barbaric terrorist attack".

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