Former UCF Student Discovers New Planet Using Spitzer Space Telescope; Pack Your Bags

Researchers at UCF have discovered a new planet using the Spitzer Space Telescope according to UCF Today.

In a paper to be published tomorrow in The Astrophysical Journal, lead author and researcher Kevin Stevenson, a recent Ph.D graduate from UCF, said the new planet is a mere 33-light years away.

The exoplanet candidate, named UCF 1.01, speeds around its star (GJ 436) in just 1.4 days and is two thirds the size of earth. At present, Stevenson does not believe the planet has a habitable atmosphere and has a rather less than desirable volcanic or molten surface.

Temperatures on the planet reach a balmy 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, so you'll need to back some extra sun tan lotion.

Read more on UCF's website: [Photo: courtesy UCF]

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