Because we don’t have enough cockroaches, a new swamp inspect has made its way to the United States from south-central Europe. The new bug, the Elm Tree Seed Bug, tends to enter houses when it is hot, then as winter approaches, tends to stay around, enjoying the protection you’ve built and paid for.

The Elm Tree Seed Bug has been found in Ada and Canyon counties of Idaho, around the Boise area and comes in a swarm. They are a little smaller than normal U.S. cockroaches and are harder to kill. Smashing them is not advised unless your nose doesn’t work and you can’t smell the pungent smell that comes from the squashed organs.

The bus is not likely to spread across the entire United States because it feeds on Elm trees, hence its name, and do not pose a public health risk according to Pamela Juker, a spokeswoman for the Idaho Agriculture Department who describes them more as a “significant nuisance.”

Federal authorities are investigating how they reached the United States and how they might spread.

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