North Korea's New Young Leader To Experiment With Reforms

Shortly after North Korea's new and young leader, Kim Jong-un, along with his powerful Uncle purged the nation's top generals for resisting change, the new leader announced the reclusive country will begin experimenting with new reforms.

According to reports by Reuters and others, Kim Jong-un wants to start with agriculture and economic, hoping to prevent what his uncle see's as an inevitable collapse of the regime if they do not change. The uncle, Jang Song-thaek, who married into the family, urged Kim Jong-un to remove Vice Marshal Ri Yong-ho along with his allies. Song-thaek is thought to be the power behind the country's new and untested ruler.

"Ri Yong-ho was the most ardent supporter of Kim Jong-il's 'military first' policy," the source told Reuters, referring to Kim Jong-un's late father who plunged the North deeper into isolation over its nuclear ambitions, abject poverty and political repression.

State new in North Korea only said the Vice Marshal was ill, in announcing his removal.

Kim Jong-un is believed to be about 28 and attended school in Switzerland during his middle school and some high school years.

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