Hollywood, CA –

Hollywood is very sensitive to crimes committed that resemble movies the studios have produced and actors have been making public statements offering condolences and support to the recent Colorado movie theater shootings.

The movie “The Watch” was originally named “The Neighborhood Watch” but changed it after the murder of Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida, hoping to distance itself from the negative association by movie-goers. Actors from New York to Los Angeles to Sydney Australia have offered public solidarity with the victims and families of the shooting in Aurora.

But with the recent massacre in Colorado being so similar to a Batman comic, and other real-life events following movie releases, are studios partly to blame asks many people on social media networks and forums.

Paul Dergaradebian of Hollywood.com says no, that these individuals are already mentally unstable, and speculates that a crime would have occurred at some point. Paul has been tracking the effects movies have on public culture for 20 years.

That point is disputed by a community group that promotes less violent movies such as American’s for Morale Entertainment, who said there is definitely a connection to crimes in real life with movies, that there have been several crimes that paralleled fictional movie events, giving people ideas. It says while it agrees there are unstable individuals, they might not have acted out as horribly if not for seeing many of the violent movies, giving them ideas, and further aggravating simmering internal problems.

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