Google Launches "Google Fiber" Internet In Kansas City, Says Its 100x Faster Than Cable

Kansas City, MO -

Google has launched its Google Fiber internet service in Kansas City, Missouri today and claimed the broadband internet service will achieve speeds 100 times faster than cable and telecommunications companies can provide.

Google is offering two plans, one for $70 a month which is for internet only and another for $120 which will include broadcast TV along with internet service at 1 gigabyte per second internet speeds and 1 terabyte of cloud storage.

Google is also offering the ability for its customers to record eight tv shows at a time, and the box stores 500 hours of HD programming and shows. Users can also use their tablet or smartphone as a voice-activated remote control.

For those that sign up early, Google is throwing in its new Nexus 7 tablet for free, and comes with the Google TV app already on it.

Google Fiber TV will allow users to search live channels, Netflix, YouTube, recorded shows and tens of thousands of hours of on-demand programming.

"The Internet is a huge positive force, and yet we are at a crossroad," said Google Chief Financial Officer Patrick Pichette, who has played a lead role in overseeing the Fiber project. He said Internet speeds had leveled out for broadband since around 2000, and Google would making it 100 times faster.

"We at Google we believe there is no need to wait," he said.

The download speeds would be around 1 gigabyte a second, according to Google executives who were presenting a demonstration.

Google invested in building out fiber in Kansas City, Missouri in 2011 after inviting cities back in 2010 to help identify communities that would be interested taking part in the project.

As for Google Fiber TV competitors, none would go on record to comments.

The new service will force more competition and ultimately lower prices or increase service and options says Chris Waterman, an economist who watches the tech industry for Chase.

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