Man Rides Bike From China To Streets Of London To Spread Olympic Spirit

After becoming wrapped up in the Olympics spirit during the Beijing Olympics in 2008, 57-year-old Chen Guanming has rode his 3-wheeled rickshaw bike from China to London to carry the Olympic spirit and its message.

He traveled 86,992 miles over the last two years through 16 countries to make it to London where he has been received by the London people with cheers and admiration and offers of accommodations.

"I'm a big fan of Olympic Games," he told the news organization. "I wanted to come here because I wanted the whole world to support the Olympics and be part of it."

Leading up to the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, Guanming did something similar, and helped clean up trash around the city and was surprisingly awarded a seat during the closing ceremonies.

Press reports and Londoners have called him the "greatest ambassador of the Olympic games" and hopes the organizing committee see his efforts and let him see the opening ceremonies which start tonight.

When asked how he planned to get home, he said his heart is set on leading him to Rio de Janeiro, where the 2016 Olympic games will be held.

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