NBC Continues To Receive Criticism Over Editing Out Portions Of Opening Ceremony At Olympics

NBC has continued to receive criticism from the American public as well as world media outlets after it edited out several portions of the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympic Games in London.

Among the portions edited out of the American broadcast was an important portion by Akram Khan that gave tribute to the victims of the July 7th London bombings by terrorist.

Khan said he felt "disheartened and disappointed" adding, "Is it not accessible enough? Is it not commercial enough?"

Creative director of the Opening Ceremony, Danny Boyle, had asked Khan to develop a section designed around the theme mortality.

NBC said that the performance was never presented to them and they did not know about it, instead airing a pre-recorded interview by Ryan Seacrest with Michael Phelps and continued commentary by Bob Costas and Matt Lauer.

In fact, there were over 284,951 complaints on Twitter about Bob Costas talking and commenting too much. The most common complaint, Talking during an important part, preventing viewers from hearing the music/sounds of the event.

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