More Needles In Your Food, This Time They Were Found On Air Canada, Last Time It Was Delta

Toronto, Canada -

Aviation and law enforcement are investigating yet another incident of needles being found in food served to passengers while in-flight. The latest comes from Air Canada on a flight from Victoria, British Columbia to Toronto.

Just last month six needles were found in food on board Delta flights from Amsterdam to various U.S. cities. So far Dutch police have said it is too early to rule in or out any connection between the Air Canada flight and the Delta flights, or if it is a copycat incident.

In both the Delta and Air Canada incidents, the needles were found hidden inside sandwiches served to passengers.

Air Canada spokesperson Peter Fitzpatrick said the airline is "working closely with our caterers to ensure heightened security measures have been put in place".

The catering firm, Gate Gormet, served the meals on the Delta flight, and also provides catering service for Air Canada, but that it is not the provider on the Victoria Toronto route.

Christina Ulosevich of Gate Gormet said, "We are cooperating fulling with Air Canada and have complied with our customer's request to its caterers to heighten food safety procedures, including inspection and screening of all products boarded on flight."

During the Delta incident one person was injured. There appears to be no injuries from the Air Canada incident.

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