Pets Make Up Nearly 100,000 Active Accounts On Facebook

In the first release of account infomation in regulatory filings, Facebook has revealed that an estimated 4.5% of all active accounts were fakes, duplicates, user-misclassified or pets. In fact, pets alone make up nearly 100,000 active accounts of the 955 million users according to estimates.

The largest in this group were "fakes" according to Facebook, which desribed the accounts as dpulicants in which one user has two accounts, possibly for work and personal. 80.3 million accounts have been labels as fake or undesireable by Facebook.

Facebook has said that it wants to eliminate such fakes and duplicates, but many oppose this, not wanting to link their personal and work life to the public.

News of this further reduced shares of the company, now trading at 20.25 per share as of 10:55am today, which is significantly down from its IPO.

Facebook gets most of its revenue from advertising and news of this makes it harder for facebook to collect large revenues.

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