President Obama Makes A Stop At Rollins College In Winter Park

Orlando, Fla. -

President Obama made a campaign stop today at Rollins College in Winter Park where he talked about his vision for the future with a packed house, estimated at 2,400 by the fire inspector.

After arriving at the Harold and Ted Alfond Sports Center and taking the stage just after 2:58pm, Obama briefly praised the U.S. Olympic athletes and joked that he could never stand on such a narrow balance beam and then jump and flip.

Obama portrayed his campaign as vastly different than his competitor, republican candidate Mitt Romney, saying trickle down economics does not work, calling it trickle down fairy dust". "There are two visions for American, but only you get to chose." "Millions of people wish they live here."

He then jumped right into new figures released by an independent study that shows Romney's tax plan will "result in 98% of American paying almost $2,000 more a year in taxes just to pay for Romney's tax cut to the wealthy", that it would not go to paying down the deficit, or paying for a war or to other social programs nor social security.

Obama pointed out the study was headed by George Bush's senior economic adviser.

he also talked about his healthcare law, dubbed Obama care by pundits and republicans, and that 7,687 people in Orange County who were on Medicare saved an extra $603 on prescription drugs because they were no longer in the "Medicare doughnut hole" as described by his campaign staff.

Obama also went on to say that as a result of his automotive bailouts, 35,000 Florida jobs were saved, though he nor his campaign have indicated what jobs and where.

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