Airline Keeps Man On Hold For 15 Hours

We've all seen horror stories of having to be on hold for long periods of time after being told someone will be right with you, or being annoyed by having to call some central call center that barely speaks your language. Maybe you have had a bad experience yourself?

Well, here's another one of those. A man called his airline to confirm some his flight information and was put on hold for 15 hours.

The man, Andrew Kahn of Australia, called Qantas to confirm his flight from Australia to New York when he was told the next available representative will be with him and placed on hold.

After about two hours he decided to stay on to see just how long it was going to take saying "OK, let's right this out."

During that time he took a shower, took a nap, caught up on some reading, and surfed the internet, and ate a meal. Despite his patience, he never talked to anyone and had to call back.

And its a good thing he called back, he found out he was not booked on that flight and was able to get confirmation finally for his flight.

Qantas had no comment about the incident but did tell the man if he could produce a call log or phone record, they would reimburse him for his call.

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